Starting A Goat Farm

Starting A Goat Farm The Right Way

Goats are known as one of the oldest domesticated animals in the world. In the twentieth century they were often kept as pets. Their produce, such as meat, milk, hair and skin are used by many around the world. Female goats are called nannies or does. Male goats, on the other hand, are called billies or bucks whilst the young ones called kids. Goats are usually kept in farms. A farm is defined as a piece of tended land for agricultural production. Another definition is a tract of land used for breeding and raising domestic animals. Many people think of having a farm after retiring from their regular jobs. Starting a goat farm is a rewarding farming occupation, if you ever decide to go through with the idea, but it entails high operating costs needed for a fruitful cattle and dairy operation.

Starting a goat farm promotes the continuous growth of the livestock business. In starting a goat farm, get to know the types of goat that you have. Not all types of goats serve a similar purpose in goat farming. A goat farm must be operated based on goats’ breed and their function. Classify which group of goats can be used for dairy production. Assess the quality of goat that will qualify for producing meat. Group those that are fit for land management. Some goats can be used for fiber production. For goats that are going to be used for producing milk, they should be placed in an area in the farm with well-maintained milking equipment. Goats that will be used to produce meat should be fed properly. Schedule for sheering and slaughtering goats must be followed to allow production of clean and good quality meat. Improper feeding, aging and slaughtering of the animal will result to inferior texture condition of cooked meat.

In starting a goat farm, learn about the prospect land’s geography and location. Find out if the property is fit for goat farming. There are some breeds of goats which grow well in cooler climates. European-bred goats like Swiss Alpine and Saanes are among them. Southern meat goat breeds are more comfortable in drier climates. Starting a goat farm or raising meat goats is common in places where eating goat meat is daily practice. Those that belong to the said group are the Muslims, Africans and Asians.Take note that overcrowding must be prevented when starting a goat farm. The farm should have adequate space to provide shelter to all of the animals. About 10 acres of land is needed to allow the farm to be successful. It must have an area to hold processing equipment. It is important to establish a means to identify the type of goat according to its intended purpose. To identify goats belonging to the milk-producing group, place them together in one area in the farm. The species fit for dairy production are French or Swiss Alpine, Nubian, Saanen and Toggenburg. Species like Kiko and Boer are good sources of goat meat.